Saturday, September 1, 2007

3 Days of Sleeping-In!

This was the first week of school and, of course, the end of Summer. Three of the boys this year will be attending the same elementary school. My wife and I are quite pleased with this arrangement, since it means fewer locations and times to have to drop off at preschool and elementary school. We still have the myriad of play-dates, baseball practices, swimming lessons, piano lessons, and so on.

For our third son, this was the fulfillment of his wish of finally being able to walk to school with his two older brothers. As with many younger siblings, he has been ready for elementary school for many years, having attended all of the school's special events as a family. The part that he wasn't looking forward to was the 8am starting time (preschool started at 9am). He was always snoozing when his brothers were getting up and ready for school in years past. True to predictions, it was very difficult to get him up and fed in time for school. You'll notice that I did not say, get him up and dressed. The main reason is that with 4 boys, we learned from experience that it is just as easy to have them sleep in there shorts and T-shirts after evening showers than to have to fiddle with pajamas in the morning. We can get all of the "I want to where these shorts with this shirt" stuff over the night before.

After a long week of school and getting up early and struggling to get our third son ready, I was very proud of him that he had made it through his first week. I came home from work to pick up something and happen to see my wife driving in with our third son after school. He got out of the car and raised both arms in jubilation and exclaimed "three days of sleeping in!" (This happened to be Labor Day weekend; to explain why this was a three day weekend.)

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