Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Parent Markers"

It's been awhile since I wrote about our boys. In the Spring of 2010, I started my own solar company. As the famous line goes, "they were the best of time, they were the worst of times." Since it was my company, I had infinitely flexibility in my schedule. I attended all the boys basketball and baseball games as well as any other parent activities around school. I volunteered to be on the school district sustainability committee and even helped to co-chair their campaign to raise funds for local schools. On the startup end, the economy continued to take its tool and there just was not enough funds or revenue to sustain our business. I finally went back to my telecom roots and started working for "the man," which at the end is fine. I'm thankful for the job and the good people at the company.

Today was the last day of Christmas vacation. We slept in until 9am everyday! It's going to be hard to get up tomorrow and get back to the old routine. The boys are growing up so fast. Our 4 year old has begun to draw and write his name on everything. As I am writing this blog, he is coloring and autographing an Amazon box that just arrived. The young mind is a wondrous thing to behold. Riley even has a system for the types of pens he uses. He has his set of "washable" markers that he can use everywhere (sort of) and the other set he calls "parent" markers, because he can't say "permanent" just yet. Those are the markers only parents can use, because whenever he tries to use them, all of the adults in the room get very excited and run to his aid. Parent markers is such a good name for them and would only come out of the mind of a 4 year old.

As my schedule is much more busy with work these days, I appreciate every moment (most every moment) that I have with the boys. Riley has also begun to sleep in his own room and I am now out of the Thomas The Tank Engine bed. Yes!