Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Belated Happy New Year - 2010

Time does go by faster and faster as we age. The New Year, a new decade, came and went so quickly that when I looked up it was March already. The boys are transitioning from basketball season to baseball season and this is overlap time. Overlapping practices and games and lots of schedule juggling on the calendar. Our lives are filled with teacher conferences, practices, carpools, games, play-dates, homework, field trips, making lunches, washing an endless file of laundry, walking to school, picking up after school, and then squeezing in work every no and then.

I have made being at the boys' events a priority, but of course, there is a cost to what I can do professionally. With 4 boys eventually going to college, I have resolved to the fact that I will be working way beyond any plans for early retirement. That is okay. I just feel so blessed by our 4 boys and I am grateful to God for the privilege of raising boys. I am continuing to volunteer at school and sports teams even with our busy schedule as a way to stay close to the boys and influence their lives. In the midst of this chaos I am trying to start a new company and it has been quite a challenge. No one said it was going to be easy. Nevertheless, I get up every morning and thank the good Lord for our health. Everything else I can deal with as long as the family is healthy.

I am just rambling down my many thoughts, but I figured that I should write something before more months go by in 2010. Happy New Year!