Thursday, January 22, 2009

Children are so adaptable

We had a wonderful holiday season with many friends and family members spending time at the house.  Since we moved back into our remodeled house, we have been trying to catch up on all of the dinners and lunches we have owed others.  It has been a warm season of visiting with family members and just catching up on life.  As the years go by, and the hair gets more grey, I find that maintaining close relationships among all of the other responsibilities is getting harder.  So it was just so nice to slow down and rekindle relationships with the close people of our lives.

During one of our visits, our 2 year old managed to break his arm in two places.  How does a 2 year old fall 3 feet off of a play-structure and land in sand, and still break his arm??? It just showed me that no matter what we do to protect our children, things are going to happen.  After the initial trauma of x-rays and putting on the cast, he is doing great and has already adapted to life as a left-hander.  He is running around and just having a great time with a full arm cast under his sweatshirt.  Children are so adaptable.  I am just so impressed that he is just going about his ways and really doesn't notice much that he cannot use his right-hand for 4 weeks.  I wish I could be that flexible.  It is nice to know that in this difficult economy, our 2-year old has nothing else to worry about except how to climb unto his brothers bunk with only one arm and no ladder (we removed the ladder to keep him from going up high).  Oh to be a child again.