Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Science Fair Projects!

I recently joined a startup, so I have been swamped and this is the first time I was able to sit down in a hotel and write a blog piece. I am in Washington D.C. working with lobbyist for Clean Solar Energy, but that is a whole different blog.

Last week, my wife and I decided to sign 3 of our boys up for the school science fair this year. It is always a great thing right? You get your kids to learn about science early and they do experiments and everyone is supposed to have a great time learning.

My oldest child, the 10 year old, and I decided to do a tough subject this year - "Which lighting technology is most efficient: Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, or LED?" Long story short, after several days of research and teaching my son, it was decided that we were getting into lessons in Physics that were way beyond his schooling. We are heading towards plan B; stay tuned.

Second son, 8 years old, wanted to know "What ball will go the farthest when hit with a bat: baseball, whiffle ball, or tennis ball?" This we actually could handle. I took my three youngest boys out to the baseball park with a bucket of baseballs, tennis balls and whiffle balls. And after about an hour of ducking balls (we didn't hit any of the younger brothers once, I'll have you note) we finally finished. My second son was very tired and didn't want to see another ball of any kind for awhile.

My third son, 6 years old, wanted to know "How temperature affects the growth of seeds." I went to Target and bought a bag of string bean seeds and we planted them in small cups. One cup was put in the freezer, one in the refrigerator, and the last one in the room. So far so good, no one has spilled the dirt in the refrigerator or freezer and no one has tried to eat any of the potted plants as well. You never know with boys. The week is still young, but we are making scientific progress.

More later...