Friday, September 14, 2007

You're Not a little boy anymore!

The other day, I was rushing through the usual morning routine. Get up at 6:30am and get myself ready. At 7:00am wake up the 3 boys that are school age and get them breakfast. Since my third son has just started Kindergarten, after two weeks he is still having difficulty with the early wake up call. Pre-school started at 9am, so he is having to get up a whole hour earlier.

This morning was no different. The older brothers were already up, dressed and eating breakfast, when I had to wake up and carry my third son to the breakfast table. After nudging him repeatedly to finish his breakfast, we finally were ready to head out the door. He began to whine about his socks not feeling right and then his shoes were too tight. Of course, it was getting later and later for school.

I finally got flustered and scolded my 5 year old with, "Hey, you're in Kindergarten now, you're not a little boy anymore, so let's get going." As soon as those words left my mouth, I realized that my comment was ridiculous. Anyway, dads say stupid things, just like little boys. Oh well.

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