Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kids Remember Everything

The other night was atypical in that it was even more chaotic than usual. My second son had a fever, see blog on "Cold Night of Camping," and my youngest son, who is a toddler, kept waking up and screaming. It seems that he, did not get enough of his usual baby food as we went from eating out at a restaurant for lunch to a picnic for dinner. In both circumstances we fed him pieces of adult food vs. his usual bowl of baby food and goop.

During this long unrestful night of sleep my third son came running into my bedroom with a slightly wet pair of underware and shorts. I quickly changed his underware and found him one last pair of shorts in the dresser. The rest of his shorts where in the queue for washing. He promptly stated that he did not like to wear these shorts and was clearly extending the situation beyond what I had energy for given the circumstances. I was tired and said that I would get him a "new" pair of shorts tomorrow so that he would go back to bed.

I woke up tired, got dressed and went off to work. Half way through the day, I was in a meeting with my staff and I get a call from home. Usually it is my wife and since it is during the day, she knows not to interupt me unless it is important. I answer my cellphone and it's my third son, asking "did you get my new shorts?"

Kids remember everything and they actually take you at your word.

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