Monday, August 13, 2007

Sleeping Bags Really Do Work

I'm happy to say that even Dads can learn from their mistakes. After the last camping trip, in which I forgot the sleeping bags and nearly froze my boys, this time I wrote a list and made sure I brought the sleeping bags. Everyone got a good night's sleep, kept warm and cozy in our sleeping bags on top of another great invention, Therm-A-Rest mattresses.

This most recent trip, I went up with two other families. One was a veteran "boy-scout-Dad" camper and the other a first-time-camping Dad. I noticed that the boy-scout-Dad had everything he needed in neat bins. He says that they keep all of the necessary camping equipment (cooking supplies, pots, pans, folding chairs, plates, stoves, lantern...) in two large bins in the garage. Whenever they go campling, they just through the bins in the back of the car and go. No need to even go through an elaborate check list to make sure they didn't forget matches for the campfire. Pretty smart idea.

One final note. My emergency flashlight, with the crank charger so that you never need to buy batteries, failed. It really destroys my confidence in emergency supplies that are supposed to work during emergencies. I guess not all emergency equipment is what it's cracked up to be. I'm not quite back to buying boxes of batteries so the boys can play flashlight tag all night, but I definitely will do more investigation before buying my next set of "never needs batteries" set of flashlights.

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