Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be Careful When You Are Tired & Stressed

I have been traveling quite a bit and work has been very busy.  I have noticed that I get more irritable much easier with the boys these days and my reactions seem to be much more severe than fits the situation.  I believe it is the added stress involved in being tired from work and all of the economic uncertainties that currently surround us.  I have started to remind myself on the way home from work, to not over react to boys being boys.  My wife and I love our boys very much and we tell them this every night.  However, when discipline is necessary, it needs to be fair, and fit the action that I am trying to correct, and always delivered with love.  This is not always easy, when you are tired and just came home from a long day of hectic work.  

I need to constantly remind myself to be gentle, even with the boys, who are usually rough with each other.  Parenting continues to be the most humbling role that I have ever had.  

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