Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I would choose my little brother

It has been a busy holiday season so far with multiple dinners during Thanksgiving weekend and the upcoming Christmas holidays.  We have enjoyed our boys throughout the changing of the leaves and the unusually warm weather for December.  Since the boys are getting a little older and can settle down a little bit more during dinners, we decided to do some discussion topics during our supper time.  During one such discussion, I asked the boys, "if you could choose only one person to be on a deserted island with you, who would that be?"  Our 6 year old, thought and thought and said, "I would choose my little brother (who is 2 years old)."  That certainly came as a surprise to his mom and me.  We were certainly hoping it would be one of us.  We quickly asked him why he would choose his little 2 year old brother.  Our kindergardener sat back in his chair and said, "well you and mom are older and will die before me, so I chose my little brother so that he can spend the most time with me."  Now, that is thinking.  We were all impressed.  

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