Thursday, April 30, 2009

What To Make For Lunch

I'm surprised I didn't write more about this earlier, since it is a daily ritual of my wife and I.  What to make for the boys for lunch?  Our 1st grader cannot take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches due to some of the kids at school with nut allergies.  Take takes a whole option off the plate unfortunately.  We end up giving them turkey or egg salad sandwiches most of the time, but honestly I don't know whether they eat it or just through it away.  They use to bring back the sandwiches and I told them they that they needed to eat them and not bring them back.  So now I am left to wonder if there is landfill nearby filled with uneaten turkey and egg salad sandwiches.

The other trick with having 3 boys who need lunches is remembering their individual preferences.  You're probably thinking that we spoil our children, because who cares what their preferences are.  That's partially true, but the bottom line for us is that we want our boys to eat.  Being picky is a luxury we have in America.  One does like cheese, one doesn't, one wants Mayonnaise the other doesn't, one likes oranges, but does not like apples.  Yes, your right, I think we do spoil our boys.  At the end of the day, my wife knows that our boys will eat when they are hungry.  Our oldest is a good eater so I pack him a big lunch.  Our youngest is extremely picky, so it's usually half a sandwich and some snacks.  Somehow they are growing, so I know that they must be eating something.  Maybe they're trading up during lunchtime for something they like, which is completely okay with me.  As long as it isn't just chips and candy bars, of course.

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