Friday, February 27, 2009

Pirate Party

Our 6 year old turned 7 on January 29th.  He wanted a pirate party with 10 of his friends.  My wife got on the web and found a whole treasure trove of ideas and props for a pirate-themed party.  We borrowed some stuff like Jolly-Roger flags and fold-out parrots, and bought some other party decorations.  She bakes a pirate cake and things were going really well.  Then the 10 boys showed up.  Talk about energy.  We have 4 boys at home, so I thought I was pretty immune to noise, but I was wrong.  Oh I forgot to say, that it was drizzling outside, so we had to stay indoors the whole time.  Musical chairs resulted in two boys balling as they bumped each other onto the ground.  Cannonball balloon stomp resulted in at least two upset boys because their balloon cannonballs where not the same size as the other boys.  One boy decided to climb onto a chair and flipped it over, cracking the top in half.  I was amazed at the amount of energy being unleashed in our family room.  After a couple more activities, the boys started to calm down a bit and everyone seemed to be enjoying the party.  Then we had cake and hotdogs and filled them up with Sprite and they were off again.

After all the boys were picked up by their parents, the house was a bit of a mess - but it was quiet.  You would think that having 4 sons, we had seen everything that could happen at a birthday party.  I am still amazed at the amount of energy in the room from 11 little boys (our son + 10 guests).  Next year, pool party - outside.

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