Thursday, January 10, 2008

Maybe Next Christmas I'll Send Out Letters

Every year around the beginning of December, we start getting Christmas cards and letters from our friends and family. Two things always amaze me - how do these people stay so organized and where do they find the time to write such a nice Christmas letter? My wife is the organized one in our family. This year she uploaded a picture of the family during our Santa Barbara summer vacation and a picture of the four boys unto the Costco website. A few days later, voila! - a stack of personalized Christmas cards ready for me to pick up. I don't keep any of the addresses of our friends, but my wife has them all somewhere and she personally hand writes the address on the envelops and sends them on their way.

My contribution you ask? I use to write a "year-in-review" letter, which was quite reflective of all the wonderful things that had transpired during the previous year. Somehow in the midst of raising children and having children that tradition got lost. Every year I get motivated to start up the year-in-review letter, as I am reading other people's letters. However, as you can see, it is now well into January and my wife has long since sent out our Christmas cards. She is wonderful and I would not have any friends, at least any friends that would send us Christmas cards, if she wasn't so diligent to get ours out each year.

Maybe next Christmas I'll send out letters.

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